A former friend and confident to Princess Diana of Wales has predicted that newly-wed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will split after less than three years of marriage.

Simone Simmons, 58, was an alternative healer and psychic used by Princess Diana before her untimely death in Paris. Now Simmons has revealed that her late friend still speaks to her from beyond the grave, and that Diana has predicted that the marriage to her son of US actress Meghan Markle will not stay the distance.

Psychic predicts Harry and Meghan will have two children before marital split

Simmons told the UK national press that the pair will have two children in those three years, but that will not prevent the marriage from breaking up. She also said that the break up will be a ‘surprise’ to Harry who will not see that his relationship with Meghan is deteriorating.

“I don’t want to see him badly hurt, and Harry won’t know what’s hit him when it does happen,” said Simmons. “He is head over heels in love. Harry is like the embodiment of Diana, he is so sensitive.”

Simmons – who part-authored a tepidly-received volume called Diana: The Last Word in 2005 – makes further claims that the 37-year-old former actress is already pregnant with Harry’s first child.

Spiritual healer claims Princess Diana remains one of her closest friends

Of Markle, Simmons says: “Even people with dysfunctional families are not as dissociated as hers. Look at her last two relationships. They didn’t last much longer than two years. This will probably be more different.”

Simmons claims that Diana remains one of her closest friends even though she has passed on, and that the pair still speak via the astral plane. She even claims that Diana advised her to vote for Brexit, but “that’s the only political thing she’s ever said – because she loved the country.”


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