Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FlRadical Islam wasn’t to blame for the terrorist attack which stole four dozen — and counting — people from the world last Sunday morning. Hell, according to President — and Nobel laureate — Barack Obama, radical Islam isn’t even a real thing. The endlessly corrosive bile spewed by Islamofascists at the LGBTQ population of the planet isn’t to blame for Omar Mateen deliberately targeting the almost-entirely gay patronage of Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. The fact that the world’s more “progressive” Islamic societies merely treat gays like a nuisance; while the rest of the Islamic world treats them as counterweights for nooses, human sheaths for machetes and/or offal to be hurled off the roof, is in no way connected to the gruesome story written by Mateen in the blood of innocent Americans.

The psychologically brutal internal conflict engendered by Mateen’s professed allegiance to Islamofascism, and evidently homosexual urges, was also not to blame. While I’ll agree that Mateen clearly didn’t choose to be gay, he did choose to deny what appeared to be his true nature, a self-denial which mixed with his Islamofascist marching orders as well as nitro mixes with glycerin. But blaming that would require believing Muslim + gay = mentally ill; and that would designate the believer an “Islamophobe.”

No kids, it was you. You are to blame for a terrorist attack perpetrated by someone ISIS refers to as a “Lion of the Caliphate.” By expecting men to stay out of the little girls’ room. By owning an AR-15. By noticing that only Islam still produces states built on violent Sharia law who stand behind 7th Century death cults with 21st Century money and reach.  You, you conservative, white, homophobic gun nuts. You’re the reason a gay, registered Democrat, Islamofascist cracked under the strain of allegiance to a religion which considers throwing gays off the roof family-friendly fun.

And you had accomplices. Joining you in your Islamic-terrorism-inspiring are your friends, guns and the National Rifle Association. See, if the government banned “fully automatic, military-style assault rifles” capable of firing 1 gazillion bullets per picosecond from their “high-capacity clips” and/or crushed the pro-liberty group which has yet to commit a single crime, then a profoundly disturbed devotee of a group President Obama refuses to call “radical Islam” wouldn’t have murdered 49 people. It’s not the Muslims preaching Sharia villainy, nor the lunatics answering the voices in their heads, nor the thugs who made Detroit such a party; it’s Wayne LaPierre, the NRA and you monsters who insist on believing in the Savior and bulk-buying P-Mags® for your 3-gun matches.

You did it, and the Democrats plan to punish you by depriving you of your Constitutional rights and subjecting you to good-old-fashioned racist subjugation. One of my favorite memes deployed by the anti-Bill of Rights crowd, especially when a Muslim just killed someone for “Allah,” invokes the “white Christian terrorist Timothy McVeigh” as proof that we putty-faced Jesus freaks are more dangerous than Omar the conflicted ISIS Boy. Not one of the “re-meme-rs” seems aware that McVeigh was a nihilistic atheist with fewer friends than the average ISIS psycho, and who was less Christian than President Obama’s good friend, the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright. McVeigh was white guy who used fertilizer and diesel fuel to kill hundreds; therefore, all white guys who own AR-15s are Tim McVeigh; or something to that effect.

As I’m beating this screed out of my keyboard, the Senate Democrats are literally filibustering against the Bill of Rights. Democrat after Democrat is slithering up to the podium to make claims about “military-style assault rifles” and AR-15s which range from ludicrous “it’s a machine gun” to logic-defying “last year alone, ‘guns’ killed (insert sufficiently terrifying number of your choosing).” It’s the worst public display of fear mongering and statist dishonesty since the very same Democrat party filibustered to try and stop black people from voting.

Actually, they claim they’re filibustering against so-called “gun violence;” as if the lawless thugs who have turned Democrat-owned cities into free-fire zones will drop their guns in the street because Harry Reid hates the NRA. The real fun starts when those same woefully or willfully misguided souls begin mocking Constitutionalist fears that the government is plotting to disarm the public while the government plots to disarm the public, live on C-SPAN, the government’s own cable station.

Our society has declined to such an extent that the State is rendering our own people — gay and straight alike — defenseless against people who consider it their religious duty to kill us — gay and straight alike — lest we offend the killers. More to the point: our society has declined to such an extent that liberals’ fear of and hatred for their own countrymen and women has eclipsed their belief in the LGBTQ community’s — and pretty much every other American community’s — right to go un-murdered by terrorists. But don’t worry; there’s always the so-called “no fly” list. Of course, it didn’t work on Omar Mateen. Too bad he wasn’t a white guy, like Lavoy Finicum. Then they could have just shot him.

— Ben Crystal


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