Russia is losing the last remnants of trust with its US partners after unsubstantiated claims of a Syrian chemical attack and the Skripal poisoning case, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov told the BBC, adding that some trust still remains.
BBC HARDtalk’s host Stephen Sackur started his interview with Lavrov by stating: “You say there’s no trust, you mean, zero trust, now between Russia and the US…” But the Foreign Minister corrected the journalist, saying that: “I said we’re losing the last remnants of trust, which is not yet zero.”

Lavrov said that the current state of relations between Russia and the West is “worse” than during the Cold War. Back then, “there were channels of communication and there was no obsession with Russophobia,” but now the number of such channels has significantly decreased, he explained. Still, the “de-conflicting channel was engaged all the time” between the Russian and the US militaries, Lavrov added.

“We don’t accept” the Western claims that the missiles strikes on Syria only targeted chemical facilities and weren’t aimed at promoting regime change in the country, Lavrov said. “You have hard talk. We want hard facts,” he added.

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