Bus explosion in Turkey Image CTN News Agency via REUTERS

At least 13 soldiers have been killed and 55 wounded in a car bomb attack on a civilian bus carrying soldiers in Kayseri on Saturday, the Turkish army confirmed.

“In an attack carried out with a car bomb at 8:45 am (0545 GMT) on Saturday against a vehicle carrying soldiers and sergeants, 13 of our troops have died and 55 have been wounded,” the Armed Forces reported in a statement. They also reported this incident on its website. The note indicates that these figures refer only to the military concerned, although he anticipates that innocent civilians may be injured also.

“The style and goals of the attacks clearly show the aim of the separatist terrorist organisation is to trip up Turkey, cut its strength and have it focus its energy and forces elsewhere,” Erdogan stated.

“We know that these attacks we are being subjected to are not independent from the developments in our region, especially in Iraq and Syria.”continued to say.

“The wounded have been immediately transferred to hospitals in the area to undergo treatment. In addition, it is estimated that in this abominable attack civilian citizens may also have been injured, “he explains.

According to the Turkish authorities, the bus was a civilian urban transport vehicle that was attacked when it stopped close to a university campus in Erciyes which is also situated near a complex of military barracks.

As it happened that this particular Saturday, there were no students in the area and traffic was low so the explosion mainly affected the bus passengers.

Earlier, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak had said that the attack “resembles Besiktas,” referring to the double suicide car bombing carried out last Saturday in front of a Istanbul football stadium and was later vindicated by a Kurdish radical group.


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