Mariah Carey’s new physique can only be described as stunning. About a week ago, she postponed her Christmas tour as a result of respiratory infection, but this legendary singer emerged from the AHF 30th anniversary celebrations of World Aids Day in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium on Thursday looking gorgeous.

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She wore a figure hugging black dress featuring two slits running all the way to the upper part of her body and fastened with numerous pins. The sexy look was finished off by flowing locks down the singer’s back. She was also adorned with lots of bling accessorizing the look incredibly.

The appearance only goes to show how confident she was now in her new physique and this was evident too by the way she performed at the celebration that was star-studded. A few weeks ago, news about her top secret surgery for weight loss broke out. She is said to have undergone gastric sleeve surgery, which in essence works by shrinking the stomach size so that patients end up eating less than they usually do aiding weight loss in the process.

Sources indicated that Mariah started feeling extremely insecure with regards to her weight beginning of November. According to the reliable source, the singer was also very upset about the way she always fluctuates so much that she sometimes has size tags cut off so she doesn’t have to be reminded about what size she is. The new look is indeed a new beginning for the songstress. She apparently has been at the top of her feelings and is feeling absolutely great about the new look and chapter of her life.

Many would have expected her to be stressed about her separation with former manager Stella Bulochnikov but she is healthy and happy and very ready to go forth even without the manager, said the source. The weight issues pushed the R & B crooner to traditional diets that promised slim results just like Jenny Craig did after giving birth to twins. Back in 2016 Mariah shared her bleak diet and talked about how hard she had been working to get fit.

She would, however indicate that unless someone says something about her weight, then she is not overly obsessed with it. She said that because she is muscular, she sometimes does not notice the weight gain and usually awakens to the fact after she has already gained some obvious weight. She explained that she has been strict on the bleak diet and strives to remain consistent.

Mariah Carey’s weight loss story is a positive because it proves that even celebrities do have their struggles, especially as far as weight loss is concerned. It is something many will hold on to because at least at the end of the day there is proof that anything is possible, including bringing sexy back and stepping out looking and feeling as confident as ever.

With the gastric sleeve surgery, the songstress is bound to remain looking gorgeous and stunning!


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