21 people injured in a high-rise building fire in Manhattan’s west. A number of people were temporarily trapped on the upper floors of the building on W. 59th near 10 Ave.

About 9 residents were sent scrambling to the roof for safety reasons around 5 P.m, said the officials.

One Firefighter was also burnt severely and was taken to the University of Cornell for treatment, along with 3 firefighters also sustaining the minor injuries.

A 7 years old girl went into cardiac arrest and was found on the 21st floor. Some of her neighbors did CPR on her until she was taken out of the building, where she was revived. The FDNY Chief of Department said that she is recovering and soon will come back to normal.

According to the officials, the 33-story building which has around 465 apartments, is used as a residence for Mt. Sinai Hospital. Leonard said that there were around 9 people who went to the roof to wait out the fire.

Leonard cited,

“We do not want people out in the smoky hallways.”

Residents who are living in the other apartments, were asked to stay inside, covering the doors and stay on the phone with 911.

A resident said,

“I saw her in the lobby.” “She was completely covered with black ashes. I tried to have her go to emergency room, but she was concerned about the damage in her apartment. I ran downstairs, not sure how she got out. I am concerned about my friends in the building.”


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