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A teacher says that Hunting Humans or  Hunger Games will become a reality

Humans Hunting Photograph: Nigel Pavitt/Corbis
Humans Hunting Photograph: Nigel Pavitt/Corbis

Specialists in the prediction of future events believe that situations will lead to the legalization of hunting humans as a demographic measure in order to alleviate a resource crisis.

The scenario is even more likely by increasing inequalities between the rich and poor, overpopulation of the Earth and lack of basic resources such as potable water and food.

In the twenty-first century hunting humans will be a hobby for the “rich and famous”. said Chris Wick contributor to Conspiracy talk.

Professor of tourism of the British University of Central Lancashire Daniel Wright, author of a book published in the journal of Science implied.

The popularization of this trend is due to promotion of the culture of violence and growth of so-called ‘black tourism’, which includes excursions to concentration camps and torture museums.

Wright explains that by the year 2200 the media will perceive death as a spectacle and a scenario like that of the Hollywood movie ‘The Hunger Games’ will come true.

Television will offer as part of its service the human fighters series to its spectators.


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