Photo taken on March 18, 2010 of Congressman Tom Price on Capitol Hill, Washington DC Imgae by MICHAEL REYNOLDS EFE

US President elect Donald Trump named Tom Price, a staunch critic of the current public health system known as ‘Obamacare’, as Secretary of Health for his future government, in a sign that he will deliver on his promise to Legislation.

Price “is exceptionally qualified to drive our commitment to dismantle and replace the Obamacare system,” Trump said in an official statement.


Among Price’s goals, he added, is to help design “a health system that is affordable and accessible to all Americans.”

Promising Obama’s 2008 White House election campaign, the Obamacare system has so far provided about 20 million Americans with health insurance through private insurance.

The system helped to reduce the population (the lowest level in history) to 10%, which lacks any health protection.


In his election campaign, Trump said he hoped to “keep just two aspects of the current system”: allowing young people to stay under their parents health plan until age 25 and prohibiting insurers from denying care to people with pre-existing problems.

In an official note, Price noted that “there is a lot to do to have a system that works for patients, families and doctors.”

The future health secretary added that he also intending to implement a system that “is a leader in disease prevention and cure, and is based on rules of common sense.”

The Democratic party reacted immediately with new Senate leader Charles Schumer saying that putting Price at the helm of the Health Department was tantamount to “asking the fox to take care of the chicken coop.”


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