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President Park Geun-hey of South Korea is ready to resign before her official term comes to an end. This is her move to head-off an unresolved impeachment vote from an existing corruption scandal. She gave a dramatic , 5-minute television address, “I am giving up everything now”. This was Geun-hey’s third public apology. The president’s government was completely paralyzed for the past few weeks. This can be attributed to her scandal. For the first time on South Korea’s political history, a public apology from the president was televised. However, this apology didn’t make life easy for the president. Opposition lawmakers came up with an immediate rejection of the apology.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel visits Seoul, Republic of Korea October 1, 2013. Hagel attended a military parade to commemorate the anniversary of the ROK-U.S. Alliance as well as meeting with ROK Minister of Defense. Photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo Date1 October 2013, 01:31:51 Source	Flickr: 131001-D-BW835-1144 Author	Chuck Hagel
 Photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo Source Flickr: 131001-D-BW835-1144

The Other End

Opposition lawmakers consider this as a poly from Park Geun-hey’s end. They believe that she is trying her best to survive in the office and proceed forward. This is why the call for an immediate impeachment vote was cast into direct doubt. Even member’s of Park’s party are asking for a delay in the votes. The entire process is delayed until December 9th 2016. They believe that this would buy time for negotiation of Ms Park’s resignation.

Ms. Park

On the other hand, Ms. Park doesn’t admit of any wrong doing. The President of South Korea confirmed on the 29th of November that she didn’t know what was done wrong! Moreover, she didn’t give a firm date for resignation. Ms. Park says that she would step down and follow all legal procedures on schedule. Before her televised speech, it was very clear that she would be impeached on the 2nd of December 2016.


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