Instagram has come up with two amazing features. Ardent users believe that both these features are similar to periscope and snap-chat, however the Facebook owned application is bringing live videos and removing photos/videos for friends and groups from Instagram Direct. With the help of live videos, you can connect with followers and friends immediately. Once you are done with the task, it will disappear from the application, his feature will make you very comfortable sharing stuff online. Insiders believe that this is a one-of-a-kind feature for Instagram lovers.

“We pivoted Instagram” the head of product for Instagram Kevin Weil was telling us. “Instagram should be all of your moments, not just your highlights.” he continued to say.

The Feature

So, how does this brand new feature work? All that you should do is swipe right to open your phone camera, then tap on “Start Live Video” and start sharing your videos, its that simple. When you go live in Instagram, your friend and family contacts will get an immediate notification. They can comment, like and re-share your videos. If someone you follow begins sharing their live story, you will be able to see “Live” in their profile. As a follower, you will have the freedom to comment and like the video as many times as you want. To know about new live streaming stories in the application, you should tap on “Explore”. Here, you will have access to all “Top Live media Stories”. Instagram is planning to roll this feature out in the next few weeks, so get ready.

Keep it Safe

This is an interesting feature that can be set to public or private mode. In simpler terms, you can decide who sees your live broadcasts. That means, people who don’t follow you will not be able to see your live streams unless you allow them to do so.

“What’s special about Instagram’s ephemeral Live and Direct updates is that they give creators total control over their audience” said Chris Wick a news correspondent for Conspiracy Talk. 



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