This Sunday is decisive for the extreme right-wing leader of Austria Norbert Hofer (left) and Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi, center-left

A large number of alarmist voices rose on the eve of two political events this weekend in Europe.

In the press terrifying headlines have appeared on the possibility that the extreme right will take the presidential palace of Austria if on Sunday the presidential victory wins the party of Norbert Hofer.

“Mr Hofer may represent an old party, but his political style is somewhat new and part of a bigger trend. Like Donald Trump in America” said the Economist

Meanwhile, others warn about the financial and political drift that awaits Italy on the same day Prime Minister Matteo Renzi loses a referendum on reform of the Constitution.

These two events would be enormously significant: the first right-wing leader in Europe would come to power since the end of World War II and uncertainty and instability would seize the third largest economy in the euro zone.

The European country that has not had a president for months (and is not Spain), Austria is the country of Europe in which the far right has advanced.

There is a fear that the winds of a hurricane of populism blow across Europe in 2017, through France, Italy, the Netherlands and beyond.

However, neither Britain’s vote in favor of Brexit in June nor Donald Trump’s electoral success in the United States imply that the victories of far-right, nationalist parties or against the established system of Europe are inevitable.


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