Technology revolutionized by Steve Jobs the first time with Mac 30 years ago, the new heir to the empire, Tim Cook, plans to revolutionize the world of electronic devices once again.

New gadgets were presented in a special event for the press: the iphone 6 and the iphone 6 plus, confirming the leaks that had reached the media, in addition to the prominent Apple Pay system, a new payment mechanism that provides credit card users, with an advanced security mechanism; As well as the highly anticipated Apple Watch, a high-tech watch that will combine the best elements of Ipods, Iphones and new sensory monitoring mechanisms.

A milestone for Apple

Thousands were looking forward since last May when Tim Cook announced: “Before the end of the year, Apple will have the best product portfolio of the last 25 years,” the challenge was huge, the company defined much of its future after four years without any startling presentation.

Hundreds of journalists and writers arrived to the presentation, as well as the main executives of the company; Cook opened saying “we are facing the biggest iPhone event in our history,” and Apple is again a step ahead of its competitors, extending its dominance in the market of electronic devices .


The event began without much preamble featuring the new Iphone 6 and the Iphone 6 plus, sleek and with a new 20-nanometer A8 64-bit processor, which will offer high-resolution graphics up to 50% faster.

The new Iphone also includes a display system called Retina HD, and will have only a button which you can access the full range of features.

One of the novelties of the Iphone is its camera, which allows to record amazing videos in slow motion up to 240 frames per second, especially useful for selfies, in addition a image stabilizer and new software to do Sharper than ever images.

The Iphone 6, will be 4.7 inches and be available in 16, 64 and 128 GB, $ 199, $ 299 and $ 399 dollars respectively, while the Iphone 6 plus will have extra capabilities and a cost of $ 100 more; Both will be available from this September 19 in the United States and from there will be presented gradually in another 115 countries before the end of the year.

Since September 17, the new operating system, iOS 8, which will already be included in the new Iphones, can now be completely downloaded.

Apple Pay

Then came the presentation of Apple Pay, a new payment system intended to replace credit cards, an ambitious project that will seek to consolidate itself as the new form of payment, something that has been tried without great success by other companies.

The device will only work in places where they have compatible equipment of transmission with Apple Pay, in a system that resembles the BlueTooth; The user will only have to approach the collection device, and without publishing name or account number, the systems will automatically  charge of complete the transaction.

It was described as safe, because it is activated with a fingerprint system, and can be easily deactivated in the event of theft or loss; And does not store any data.

Apple announced that it already has several companies that have agreed to incorporate this mechanism, seeking to make transactions mechanisms safer and more secure; Something that could leave the credit cards buried in the past.

Apple Watch

“And there’s still something else …” Cook pointed out in the presentation, that’s right, it was the time of presentation of the long-awaited iWatch; Only the announcement unleashed a couple of minutes of applause.

The iWatch is the first Mac which, as expected, will be full of technology and innovative applications as well as being resistant to water and dust.

The device will use the Siri voice recognition system, so it can be asked anything as the iPhone, and it will be charged through a new magnetic mechanism.

It also has an ability to perform controlled vibrations that can orientate us towards a direction with the map system, besides allowing us to interact through Facebook or Twitter, without even touching the device.

It also opens up a whole range of possibilities with the new touch system that in addition to touch allows us to press digitally, while the high resolution screen can also expand, move or adjust with great ease.

Iwatch also has a sensory recognition mechanism that allows us to take our pulse and even share it on social networks, as well as identifying whether we walk, run or cycle, also recording exercise statistics that can be stored indefinitely.

The models are paired with the iPhone 5 and will be available in three editions: Watch (made in steel), Watch Sport (made of aluminum) and Watch Edition (bathed in 18 carat gold); Prices will start at $ 349.


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