Giants Player Nikita Whitlock. File AP Photo

Police investigate racist graffiti about Nikita Whitlock, written on the walls of a New Jersey home owned by a New York Giants player.

Officials were investigating the act of vandalism at Nikita Whitlock’s home on Thursday as a “hate crime,” Officer Richard Behrens told The Record newspaper.

Whitlock, who is black, showed journalists the graffiti – the letters “KKK,” a swastika and other racial slurs – that were painted on several walls in his family’s home.

The word “Trump” was also written on a wall.

Nikita Whitlock is a NFL fullback who is on the list of players injured by a “foot injury”. He was suspended in September for a period of 10 unpaid matches for violating a controlled substance regulation of the NFL.

“They entered, they committed vandalism, they expressed their opinion” said The NFL star, “They could have expressed it through Facebook, but they decided to do it this way”, the player told the media. “I think what bothers me the most is that these people are using the name of “President-elect Donald Trump”. For me, these people think Trump believes in certain things but he was not here.This was a personal decision and NOT a decision by Trump. “Next time, write your names on the wall” he stated.

Police believe the Vandals came into the house Tuesday night.

Whitlock, who lives with his wife and two small children, told the paper that there was another attempt to enter the house three weeks ago, saying he feels “someone is trying to hurt us.”


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