It is not easy to combine harmoniously two situations as extreme as the natural world, jungle, and the most sophisticated and advanced civilization.

However, in Costa Rica, a country that has made ecological tourism a promotional banner, there is a resort that allows one to enjoy the natural beauty of the jungle, the beneficial effect of hot springs, and all the comforts of a modern establishment. Ultramodern where the guests receive careful and personalized attention, exquisite meals, massages, and everything necessary to make your stay something not only unforgettable but healthy.

This is our REVIEW of one such place

Las cascadas de aguas termales son el principal atractivo de Tabacón.

The establishment known internationally as Tabacon Grand Spa and Thermal Resort in the province of Alajuela, is somewhat elevated, which gives rise to early clouds.

On the way from San José, one goes along a road that at one point marks the division of the country’s watersheds, on one side the rivers drains the Atlantic, while on the other drains the Pacific. The trip is long, about three hours, but interesting. You can see beautiful landscapes and go through picturesque towns and villages, such as Chuchagua, Bajo Rodríguez or San Ramón with its beautiful cathedral.

The height gives to this region a climate of alluvium where the rains abound and the vegetation exhibits an unusual exuberance. The earth is so fertile that even miniature gardens of tiny ferns, lichens, fungi, bromeliads, and other epiphytic plants can be seen on the trunks of the palms. For a lover of plants this is simply paradise.

But you do not need to be a botanist or know the names of so much beauty, anyone can connect with the colors and scents of flowers and the majesty of trees.

The area of ​​the hot springs of Tabacon attracts tourists from all over the world.

Lovers are one of the main objectives of this establishment, but friends, families, groups or individuals also spend unforgettable moments in this resort.

Massage, for example, applied with special oils to choose from, one of saffron and one of cinnamon and cherries, are something very relaxing that culminates with a milk bath in a jacuzzi. Nowhere in the world can you immerse yourself in a hot tub and from where you can see in the distance, over centuries-old trees and the adventures of graceful little monkeys.

But not everything is relaxation in Tabacon, the tour packages also include many outdoor activities, and unforgettable adventures such as the zip line ride, something that can take the adrenaline to unsuspected levels. Although I weigh 215 pounds, the boys will keep you from getting caught in those cables as you take that ride which will guarantee an experience of the jungle as if one were Tarzan, they assured me that heavier people made the run. I recommend it, it’s safe and fun, and once you try it the first time you lose your fear and everything becomes fun. It’s about eight stops. Wonderful to see nature from the heights and you can enjoy an undetectable flora and fauna from below.

After such an experience, nothing better than a relaxing horseback ride, and end in one of the pools of Tabacon or its hot springs. Other activities offered by this establishment is a visit to the Arenal, whose magma heats the torrents loaded with minerals where to submerge is something extremely relaxing by the abundance of magnesium; Or visit La Fortuna waterfall, in the village of the same name a few minutes from the spa.

Un paseo a caballo es de rigor para disfrutar el paisaje natural.

Unforgettable experience arriving at that wonderful enclave in the middle of the jungle. Although there are 500 steps, the stairs are spacious and safe and there are benches along the way to rest especially on the way up. It is said that the one who bathes in the waters of that waterfall becomes lucky and the truth is that I can not confirm nor deny that statement. You be the judge!.

There are also nocturnal expeditions to nature, something that allows visitors to see animals, insects and flowers that are only can be appreciable at night.

Expert guides can point the lantern at a freshly opened cactus flower that has gone out to look for food … Also, the famous Costa Rican frogs which are so picturesque, just remember to “look and do not Touch “, as they can be very poisonous.

Another of the attractions of this establishment which has received several international awards, is the fine cuisine. From a breakfast of native dishes such as the picadillo de arracache, the rooster pinto, or the delicious tica version of the Mexican chilaquile to the most exquisite creations of the chef.

Vista de las instalaciones del Ave del Paraíso.

If this were not enough, the proximity of La Fortuna allows you to explore the local restaurants and also for those who want to the experience of detoxifying and ecological tourism.  Don;t forget to visit its busy nightclub with the suggestive name The Magical Mountain (nothing less).

Jocotes, pejibayes y rambutanes son algunas de las frutas exóticas que se pueden degustar en La Fortuna.

For those who go for the romantic plan, there is a special dinner of five dishes, accompanied by different types of champagne, something unique, an ideal for a couple on their honeymoon.

Other services of this beautiful resort are the day passes, its two restaurants the Toucan and the Bird of Paradise. The place is also very popular for parties of all kinds like weddings, baptisms and anniversaries.

A unique formula to combine the best of modern civilization with the respect and enjoyment of nature.

Disclaimer: We have NOT been compensated to promote any of these tourist getaway hot spots, this review was submitted by Chris Wick who is a reporter for CTN news that happen to be at that location and gives a honest opinion of his experience.


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