Hidden in the closet of her room, a 11-year-old Hispanic girl alerted Florida police by dialing 911 from a closet as three thieves invaded her home.

Ashley Bermudez called police on Tuesday when she discovered that an unknown car was parked in front of here home, local media reported Thursday.

“I was trying to be very quiet while I was in the closet so they would not hear me,” she told the local ABC news channel.

“Hello, please, I need help, I need help, I need help. They are invading my house, please come very fast, “Ashley told police in Meadow Woods, south of Orlando.

The suspects then entered the bedroom where Ashley was hiding on the 2nd floor, “the suspects knocked down a door to gain access”, police said.

“Oh no, please, please, I’m not going to say anything, I promise you,” you can hear Ashley say in the taped 911 call to the police.

Authorities say “the suspects fled the house after seeing Ashley”, who was alone in the home, and later crashed into a truck a few miles from the scene of the assault.

According to police, the thieves got away with belongings worth about $ 13,000 and if that wasn’t enough, they took the Christmas gifts.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced that it will honor the child for his “bravery” for her help in catching the three thieves, 14, 16 and 18 hear olds who were “incredibly accurately described” by her.

Meanwhile, police operator Michele Fernandez said Ashley “did a great job, at 11 she did a better job than any adult.”

The minor, who later met the operator in person, said she had saved my life.

“She was kind of a lifesaver for me,” Ashley said of Fernandez. “I want to thank her because what she did is really, really, really important to me.”


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