Israeli soldier directing tanks at border in Syria AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

Israel officer in Tel Aviv stated Wednesday that all the chaos within Middle East has no doubted weakened enemies of Israel and as such created a very low probability for 2017 of war.

According to Military officials, Hezbollah within the province of Lebanon nor Hamas within Gaza Strip are showing any kind of interest towards a newer conflict or confrontations with Israel.

“War in 2017 is something that all sides do NOT want” he stated. This was based on year end of assessments by Israeli Military leaders.

According to the same officials, “Hezbollah is heavily bogged down in a civil war with Syria sustaining very heavy losses and Hamas lost a great deal of support from the outside,  putting them in a crisis position. He added to “keep in mind that at anytime the risk exists of sparking a brand new conflict in this region”.

Hamas with Hezbollah militant groups are backed by Iran. Israel was involved in a war with Hezbollah back in 2006 and since then waged a 3 times war with Hamas on top of that.

“At this time Iraq along with Syria are engulfed in there own turmoil battles within areas of the region”. In conclusion, “enemies of Israel are engaged someplace else” said the official.

President Bashar of Syria is backed by Hezbollah and Iran, however since fighting started back in 2011 within Syria the death toll or casualties rose to more then 1,000. This Palestinian militant military is seeing their support and backing take a nose dive. The only group in support of The Palestinians is Qatar who is a “staunch supported of Gaza rulers”.

The officer added that “Israel has noticed a resulting shift in Hamas behavior, with the group making a real effort to stop rocket fire from the Gaza Strip toward Israel”.

A great deal of territory has been lost by Islamic Groups withing  Iraq due to US led coalition offensive.


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