President Elect Donald Trump. Image CHRIS WICK / CTN News

US President-elect Donald Trump announced on Saturday that he would dissolve the family charitable foundation to avoid “potential conflicts of interest” in the face of criticism,  he intends to completely disassociate himself from his private business.

The Republican said he wants to avoid “the emergence of any conflict with my role as president,” adding that he will seek alternative forms of philanthropy from Donald J. Trump Foundation.

The Republican made the announcement in Palm Beach (Florida), where he celebrates the Christmas holidays with his family in his private club Mar-a-Lago, north of Miami.

“President-elect Trump has ordered his lawyer to take the necessary steps to initiate dissolution,” his transition team said in a statement.

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According to Trump, who takes office next January 20, his foundation has donated to “huge” charities over the years contributing “millions of dollars to countless groups, including veterans, law enforcement and children.”

The influence of donors to this type of organization was precisely one of the president-elect’s battle horses during the election campaign, in which he denounced that the Clinton Foundation had a direct line with Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State between 2009 And 2013.

Trump regretted Friday that his son Eric has suspended his foundation’s activities because of a conflict of interest with the new role of the tycoon at the head of the White House.

The third child of the New York businessman announced on Thursday the cessation of activities of the Eric Trump Foundation, which has been operating since 2007, after doubts expressed by donors of this organization to have direct contact with the White House.

The Republican said today that he will now dedicate his energies to the Presidency and “solve the many problems facing our country and the world.”


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