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Authorities are on the seen of a shooting and confirmed  “One dead and several wounded” Today, Sunday December 25th 2016 at a “nightclub in a suburb of New York”, authorities said.

Local police said there was one dead and that “bullets hit several other people”, according to ABC.

The event occurred at The Mansion in Mount Vernon, a suburban town north of the Bronx district of New York.

According to the police, the shooting may have been triggered after customers were asked to leave the premises.

“Regardless, an act of violence happened in one of our community spaces and a life was lost in one of our sanctuaries,”  statement from Pride Center.

Owner Peter Hitchcock said that “I was woken by a phone call from the bar’s manager, telling him four people had been shot” he continued to say  that “I was in shock when I walked in. By the time I arrived, everything pretty much cleared out, he said. “There was a paramedic helping a lady with a wound to her leg.”

The whereabouts of the perpetrator (s) of the shots are unknown.


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