When entrepreneur Donald Trump announced in June of 2015 his intention to run for President of the United States with the Republican Party, few imagined that the businessman of 70 years would end up writing an incredible page in the history of the country.

Impulsive, excessive and with an overflowing ego, Trump defied all odds and on the night of November 8, 2016 he surprised the world by becoming the successor to President Barack Obama in the White House.

With corrosive speeches often based on anger, frustrations and insecurities of Americans, the Republican tycoon ended up being the voice of change for millions of citizens.

In his unstoppable march to the White House, the billionaire has exploded the Republican Party, founded a century and a half ago and yet in the presidential election was unable to understand its constituents and respond to their needs.

Before launching his campaign, the entrepreneur was known for his immense fortune, luxury hotels, golf courses and casinos that bear his name, as well as for his divorces, scandals and for being the star of reality television “The Apprentice”.

But in the Trump campaign he showed a formidable political nose: he ruthlessly demolished in the debates experienced party leaders and became the hero of the lower and lower middle class white workers.

Trump’s motto could not be simpler. “Making America Great Again.”

In another unprecedented gesture, he decided not to accept donation money into his campaign and claims to have financed his trip to the White House exclusively from his own pocket.

He broke all the molds. He denounced a “manipulated” political system, accused officials of “corruption” and lashed out at media that, in his view, “poison the spirit of Americans.”

Without pause, he insulted women, Muslims and Latinos, and provoked the black voters.

He offered simple solutions to complex problems: to stop clandestine immigration he proposes to build a wall on the Mexican border, paid for by Mexico.

He spoke of expelling the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country, mostly Latin Americans. And he promised to return jobs to the United States by renegotiating international trade agreements.

In order to prevent attacks, he defended the ban on the entry of immigrants from nations with “a proven history of terrorism,” after he said he would “reject all Muslims”.

The simplicity of his oratory found a perfect instrument in the 140 characters of the Twitter network, and thus transformed his personal page of that social network into a powerful political machine capable of altering the stock market’s with just a short message.

In the middle of the campaign he became the center of a sensational scandal following sexist comments recorded without his knowledge several years earlier.

Several women came to the light accusing him of unauthorized manipulation or insistence on sexual proposals, but Trump simply erased the problem with a stroke by calling them liars.

Days after winning in the presidential election, Trump was embroiled in a spectacular and bitter controversy, after US intelligence agencies said Russia helped him defeat Hillary Clinton.

Trump denies that the election was decided because Russia hacked Clinton’s e-mails, and claims that “only the stupid” oppose improved relations between Washington and Moscow.

Regardless of his political profile, his private life is full of luxuries. His wife Melania, a 46-year-old Slovenian ex-model, spends her time away from the outbreaks and public attention, concentration on razing Barron, the son of both now 10 years old.

Her older children, Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric and Tiffany, are its main pillars. Everyone has been fully involved in the campaign of their father, whom they have defended without rest.

The president-elect is not precisely an immovable ideology: he was a Democrat until 1987, then a Republican (1987-1999), a member of the Reform party (1999-2001), a Democrat again (2001-2009) and a Republican again.

Born in New York, he is the fourth of five children of a New York real estate developer. In his youth he was sent to a military school to try to calm his volcanic temperament.


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