Russian President Vladimir Putin has referred to the US intelligence report that the Kremlin could have compromising information about Trump’s private life and his alleged relationships with prostitutes during a trip to Moscow.

“So Trump came and then went to see the prostitutes in Moscow,” said Mr Putin, who recalled that “he is an adult and also someone who has long been involved in the organization of beauty pageant competitions  and “spoke with the most beautiful women in the world.”

“I find it hard to imagine, in a Russian hotel room with girls of dubious reputation”, said Putin

He added that those who made the compromising report against Trump are “worse than prostitutes.” But he recalled in 2013 when Trump made his visit to Moscow, the current US president-elect “was not a politician. We even knew of his ambitions “to run for president.

“He was just a businessman, does anyone think that security services are chasing every American billionaire? It’s absurd,” he snapped.

The Russian leader has the impression that the Obama team wants to “keep the president-elect tied hand and foot when he tries to fulfill his electoral promises, both within the country and in the international arena.” And he even detects impulses of internal involution: “Having trained in Kiev” organizing riots, the Obama team “is willing to organize” a new uprising in Washington to not allow Trump to take over.”

According to the Russian media, Putin has said “that there are people who leave without saying goodbye and people who say goodbye and never seem to leave”, and Obama belongs to this second category “after the clear victory of Trump.”

This month ‘BuzzFeed’ published an anonymous document claiming that certain ‘Russian agents’ had compromising material on the US president-elect. It was later revealed that the document was written by former MI6 agent and co-founder of London-based Orbis Business Intelligence, Christopher Steele.

For Putin this case highlights a decline of political elites in the West: The accusation of “Prostitution is a serious and horrible social phenomenon, and it is largely the fault of society itself and the state, but people who create such fake news and use them in the political struggle is worse than a prostitute, since it has no moral barrier, “said the Russian president.


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