Trump speaks at a gala dinner in Washington, January 17, 2017. Trump says he will continue tweeting because it is the only way he can "counter" the "dishonest press." Evan Vucci AP Photo

Nobody thinks that Donald Trump will stop tweeting after his inauguration as president.

Trump clarified his intent regarding Tweeting on “Fox & Friends”, he stated that he will continue to make his opinions known through the 140-characters allowed by twitter, especially at dawn, so much enjoyed by his followers.

In the interview broadcast Wednesday, the president-elect said that he does not really like tweeting and that he “might be doing other things.”

However, he said that he resorts to social networks because “the media are very dishonest, the press is very dishonest, it’s the only way I can counter them.”

Some poles show that people are against President Elect – Donald Trumps tweeting.

On post on twitter cough the eye of the social media public regarding  Mr. Trumps tweeting habits:


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