Insurance executive Eric Linder shows Insect bites from Trump Hotel in Miami Florida / AP

Thursday morning, hours before tycoon Donald Trump swears in as the 45th president of the United States, his representatives will try to reach an agreement in a bitter suit filed by a commercial traveler against the Trump National Miami resort, owned by the billionaire.

According to court documents, Trump’s lawyers are expected to meet with insurance executive Eric Linder to discuss what steps to tak regarding a situation that happened on March 2016, Mr. Linder reportedly was tacked by ferocious insects at the Trump resort.

At the end of July last year, Linder filed a lawsuit in a Miami-Dade County court, and even showed nasty photos of his back and neck full of stings.

At Thursday’s mediation, Linder’s lawyers are expected to tell his counterparts that his client’s face, neck, arms and back were swollen while sleeping in a resort-themed villa, one of the most exclusive center in Miami Florida, some claim.

“I was disappointed in the Trump Hotel,” Linder told Gossip Extra in an interview last year. “This is a five star resort where such a thing should not have happened. It was really traumatic. “

Neither Linder nor his lawyers returned calls and emails that were sent to them by CTN News to get a comment or make a statement on this matter.

Last year, Linder, 63, of New Jersey, said that “what happened to him after the insect attack was even more humiliating to him than the injuries he suffered”, given that he had to endure the pain for at least 24 hours and being covered with disinfectant ointment.

So far, what Trump National lawyers have said is that Linder “behaved carelessly and negligently and that he alone was to blame” for the insect attack.

In their response to the lawsuit, however, Trump’s lawyers did not explain how Linder allegedly acted negligently.


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