President Trump bringing Mexico City Policy to life again.

President Trump signs one of many executive orders banning Federal money that’s funneled now to International groups which perform abortions and provide information.

Trumps press secretary said that by signing this order, President Donald Trump is

Showing he “wants to stand up for all Americans, including the unborn”.

The order is known as “the Mexico City Policy”, and is most likely a concern of the pro-choice groups that are already quite wary of the President anti abortion position.

Donald Trump is a total supporter of the “US abortion ban”.

President Trump is not the first to put in place such a ban. Republican President Ronald Reagan back in 1984 created the actual “Mexico City Policy” later to be rescinded by the Clinton administration.

This policy requires some none Governmental groups that are receiving funds to be in agreement and to “neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations”.

Then back in 2009 former President Barrack Obama ended this ban that has been reinstated by the George W Bush administration.

Pro-choice groups are lamming this move by President Trump.


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