US President Donald Trump signs executive order to remove US Of the TPP (Transpacific Association Agreement) commercial agreement at the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, USA, on January 23, 2017. Ron Sachs EFE

The Spaniards and Mexicans are the most pessimistic in the world in view of the prospects of the new president of the United States, Donald Trump, according to a survey conducted in 24 countries by Ipsos.

The study, titled “Opinions on Trump and Obama,” was conducted through more than 18,000 interviews between the last week of December and the first of January.

84% of Spaniards believe that Trump will not be a good president for the United States, leading the pessimism and followed by citizens of Mexico (81%), Great Britain (80%), Germany (78%).

On the contrary, Russia is the country that picks the change in the White House with greater optimism with 74% of the population that is in favor of Trumps arrival to power, followed by India with 65% in favor .

In the United States there is almost a tie, where Trump supporters reach 52% of the population while detractors add up to 48%.

Despite the global pessimism shown by the report, only a minority (31% worldwide) believes that the president will be revoked in 2017.

By country, Italians lead the way, with 42% of the population, followed by Turks (42%), Canadians (41%) and Chinese (40%).

On the opposite side, the Hungarians, where only 16% of respondents believe the new president will be removed from office, followed by Poland (18%), French (23%), Argentine’s (23%) and Belgians 25%).

Only 34% of the American population would like Donald Trump to be revoked from office this year.

Regarding Barack Obama’s balance sheet, 76% of respondents around the world believe he has been a good president.

South Korea (92%), India (89%), Belgium (86%) and Mexico (85%) are the countries that most valued the performance of Obama, while Russians are on the opposite side and 87% of respondents reject President Obama.

In the United States there is a division of opinions, although supporters of the previous president’s positive management wins by 14 points (56% of the yes versus 44% of the no).


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