Carlos Giménez, mayor of Miami-Dade County, describes the agenda for the next four years of his term, January 18, 2017. AL DIAZ

The Miami mayor Carlos Giménez ordered on Thursday January 26th 2017 that prisons must comply with the Federal immigration detention requests, eliminating the county’s position as “sanctuary” for immigrants.

Mayor Giménez was siting an executive order which was signed Wednesday by President Trump, who made quite clear his intent to cut federal subsidies for counties or even cities that do not fully cooperate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Since 2013, Miami-Dade has refused to indefinitely detain inmates who are illegally in the country and are wanted by ICE, because the federal government does not fully reimburse the county for expense incurred.

“Due to the provisions of the Executive Order, I order you and your staff to comply with all requests for detention of immigrants received from the Department of Homeland Security,” Daniel Junior, Acting Director of the Prison and Rehabilitation Department, wrote in a Brief memo of three paragraphs.

On Thursday afternoon, after the report appeared on the internet, President Donald Trump gave his reaction on Twitter:

“The mayor of Miami-Dade eliminates sanctuary politics. Right decision. Strong!”


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