Buy American Hire American, is one of the slogans of the campaign that Donald Trump has undertaken against American companies that have the audacity to manufacture their products in third world countries.

The newly appointed president of the United States has threatened companies like General Motors and even Apple with “big tariffs” if they continue to keep relocating their factories in countries like China or Mexico.

“I’ll never eat an Oreo again,” Donald Trump also swore when he learned that Mondelez International, owner of the popular biscuit brand, would move production from the Chicago plant to Mexico. “We’re going to have Apple make their damn computers in this country,” Trump has threatened. Trump’s decision to leave the Pacific Free Trade Agreement (TPP) is proof that his protectionist threats are serious. Another is to impose a 20% tax on all imports from Mexico.

The entrepreneur owns several companies whose production also have been relocated to third country’s, thus benefiting from the advantages of free trade with which he wants to end. As the Washington Post reports, many of the products of Donald J. Trump are made outside the US.

Many of Trumps products are manufactured in at least a dozen countries: “China, Holland, Mexico, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Honduras, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea”. For example, most of his ties are made in China, one of his archenemies, and also some of his costumes. Donald J. Trump shirts are also made in China and Bangladesh.

And Donald is not the only one in the family who prefers to give work to the inhabitants of underdeveloped countries than to those of the United States (as he himself denounces). Harvard professor and trade expert Robert Lawrence has analyzed over 800 products from Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, which includes shoes, dresses and handbags, and “everything is imported.”

Will the President also apply the 20% tariff on them, which will increase the price of 100 dollars to 120? or is this just another “Do what I say and not what I do” scenarios?


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