The mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, has criticized the “human rights violation” that is being carried out by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and recalled, without citing, that “also” Adolf Hitler came to power With the support of many of his fellow citizens.

The mayor of Madrid has said these words at the beginning of the municipal plenary knowing that this issue does not fall to the city council of the capital, but has said that “there are circumstances that justify” addressing these issues because “silence is sometimes being guilty.”

Carmena has made these statements in reference to the controversial temporary veto to refugees and citizens of seven countries of Muslim majority implanted by Trump, in spite of the wave of protests inside and outside the United States.


“I find it difficult to take the floor for an ordinary issue without first making a minimal reference to the protest that arises to all citizens and people in the world in view of the human rights violation that are happening and IMPLEMENTED by the current President of the United States, “said the mayor, applauded by her group, Now Madrid.

And after specifying that Trump’s is a government “legitimately appointed and supported by a very important number of American citizens,” he indicated that in the 20th century the greatest violations of human rights were experienced “by a government that was also initially supported by many of his fellow citizens. ”

“Today we lament those terrible genocides, those actions that took so many rights away from the people, then eliminated them,” he recalled.

However, the spokeswoman of the PP in the City of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, today rejected “with the utmost forcefulness” the words of the mayor of Madrid.

Hope Aguirre has said that Trump, one “may like or dislike” and that there are many things she does not like but has asked the mayor not to give “lessons of democracy” to the Americans.



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