VP Mike Pence. Chris Wick / CTN News Image


US Vice President Mike Pence warned his Democratic opponents on Saturday not to tempt Congress to obstruct confirmation of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

“Make no mistake. It would be a reckless and unprecedented maneuver. (…) We will work with Senate officials “to get this confirmation,” one way or another, “Pence said during a meeting of conservatives in Philadelphia.

Appointed on Tuesday by the US President to become the country’s highest judge, Neil Gorsuch, a conservative judge is preparing to wage a fierce battle in the Senate..

I and when future judges are divided equally between four conservative magistrates and four progressive, the high court judge has the last word on the outcome of American policy, Gorsuch would be in such a position.

Gorsuch needs to raise 60 votes in favor of the 100 in the Senate to prevent the Democratic opposition.

The problem is that with 52 seats in the Senate, Republicans must ally the cause to eight Democrats who must support a candidate who defends the death penalty, among other right-wing positions.

“This seat does not belong to a party or an ideology,” Pence added.

But many Democrats still remember last year’s rejection of Republican Senate leaders who did not even consider Barack Obama’s candidate Merrick Garland to fill the job.

The seat was vacated after the death of conservative judge Antonin Scalia, a year ago.


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