In 2000 the woman come to the center to get pregnant and underwent an in vitro fertilization process from which the eldest son was born and 18 frozen embryos remained. / CTN News

BEIJING – A 46-year-old Chinese woman gave birth to a baby weighing 3.8 kilograms born from a frozen embryo for more than 16 years and with a “twin brother” with the same age difference, Newspaper South China Morning Post citing hospital sources.

He is the second son of the mother, who decided to resort to assisted reproductive techniques after the “single-child policy” was lifted last year, and it happens that her first offspring now 16 years old, comes from the Same “remittance” of embryos like the one used in this occasion.

The birth took place last week at the Sun Yat-sen University Hospital in Canton (South) with an embryo (fertilization phase prior to the formation of the fetus) frozen in the year 2000.

The woman, whose name was not made public, went to the hospital last year explaining that she wanted to have a second child after China had increased the child limit from one to two per family in the country.

In 2000, the same woman had already come to the center when having problems to become pregnant and underwent a vitro fertilization process from which the eldest son was born and 18 frozen embryos still remained.

Xu Yanwen, director of the hospital’s reproductive center, said that the thawing of the embryo involved considerable difficulty and recalled that in elderly women such as the one in this case also poses risks to its implantation in the uterus.

In the world there have been cases of births from embryos frozen up to 20 years before, although the hospital that has carried out this fertilization pointed out that it has kept some since 1994, surpassing already the two decades.

The Xinhua agency stressed that because of the end of the “one child” policy, China has increased the number of women of advanced age (around 40 years of age) who have gone to the country’s hospitals Interested in methods of assisted reproduction to conceive a second child.

Only in the hospital in Guangzhou, Dr. Xu recalled that in 2016 there were more than a thousand women over 40 who conducted such consultations.


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