President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday to stamp out "drug cartels". Adam West / CTN News

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday to crack down on “drug cartel” that have spread across the country and are destroying the blood of young Americans.

Trump also signed two other executive actions, one aimed at creating “a working group to reduce violent crime” in the US and another in which he calls on his team to draw up a “plan to stop violent crimes against agents”.

“Today I am going to sign three executive actions designed to restore security in the United States,” Trump told reporters during the inauguration of his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, in the Oval Office.

The first calls for “the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security to take all necessary and legal action to break the structure of criminal drug cartel that have spread throughout the country and are destroying the blood of our youth” , Assured.

Signing the order a few minutes later, Trump specified that it was directed against “transnational criminal organizations,” such as those from Mexico, but failed to cite the neighboring country.

Heroin consumption and related deaths have soared in recent years in the US, especially among the middle-class white community and Trump has promised during his campaigns to fight against this “epidemic” through labor and immigration, seems the trafficking of drugs is entering the country along the southern border.

“A new era of justice begins, and begins right now,” Trump said today in signing his executive actions, in which he wanted the message to be made clear “to members of criminal gangs and drug traffickers.”

The second executive action signed by President Trump has to do with his concern about the rise of violent crimes in the US, especially in cities like Chicago.

Trump said Tuesday that the murder rate in the US is the highest in 47 years, a false data that contrasts with official statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which put that index at a level much lower than the 1980 and 1990.

Trump’s latest order seeks to protect police and security agents across the country amid a surge in racial tensions in several cities where Activists denounce an increase in police violence against African Americans.


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