The train tracks flooded Wednesday, February 8, 2018, after 21 Mile Dam near Montello, Nevada, broke out and caused flooding to the Union Pacific rail line near Lucin and in the town of Montello. The breakdown of the dam has led to delays and changes of route for more than a dozen freight trains and passengers on the main thoroughfare that crosses the area, Union Pacific spokesman Justin E. Jacobs said. The Deseret News via AP Stuart Johnson


A rural Northeast Nevada county on Thursday declared a state of emergency because heavy Hurricane rains triggered the collapse of a railroad dam, causing wreckage on the state highway and near-boundary flooding with Utah.

Elko County Police Chief Jim Pitts said “county commissioners approved the state’s emergency declaration” as agents searched for people who might have been stranded.

No injuries have been reported thus far. Officials said “there appears to be extensive damage on several ranches and farms”.

Most of the region remains under Hurricane flood warning.

Pitts said about 30 homes were affected by flooding in Montello since the Twenty one Mile Dam burst Wednesday afternoon. A 16-mile (10-mile) stretch of State Route 233 is closed.

Pitts said “the emergency declaration would allow the county to receive state assistance”.

“Water in the reservoir continues to rapidly empty and is heading downstream. Ongoing flash flooding will continue and could potentially get worse,” National Weather advised. A flash flood warning pertaining to Elko County is now issued and continues till midnight Thursday.


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