Rocío Monasterio, a Cuban based in Spain and a member of the Vox party, speaks in Miami on February 10, 2017. Brian Feddor CTN News

Rocío Monasterio: ‘Those who do not help the victims of Castroism are accomplices to oppression’

Rocío Monasterio is a Cuban based in Spain who became popular after starring in a televised debate on HispanTV in which she faced Castro over the legacy of former Cuban President Fidel Castro. She gave a speech in Miami about her ideological platform and her aspirations for the Future of Cuba.

At 43 years old, this Cuban defends values ​​the family and freedom. She is a passionate speaker who strongly criticizes the Cuban government and condemns politicians willing to dialogue with Havana.

“Cuba erected a great wall in 1959. Since then darkness came to the country, the search for freedom was interrupted. Unfortunately 60 years later the Cubans are still in darkness and we do not see a light that illuminates our country. All those living in Cuba are incarcerated, “Rocío Monasterio said. “When we see a brother in prison we have to do everything we can to help him.”

Architect by profession, Rocío Monasterio decided to enter the fight against loss of values ​​that in her opinion, lives the Spanish society. Vox was integrated as a way to give voice to hundreds of Spaniards who do not agree with the policies of the Popular Party, an organization to which it gave each year its vote, but with which it is singularly critical.

“It is extraordinary that a Hispanic-Cuban can speak to Cuban-Americans in Miami. We are joined by Hispanics, “she said.

On those who bet on investing in Cuba to promote an emerging middle class that may in the future ask for political changes, Monasterio says that these politicians and businessmen are “washing their conscience of collaborating with the regime.”

“It is being demonstrated that investment in Cuba is nothing more than propping up Castroism,” she adds.

As an alternative to totalitarianism Rocío Monasterio proposes the restoration of Hispanic values.

“We have inherited from Spain the Christian values ​​that are the foundation of society: equality, the defense of freedom, the right to life, belief in the individual and in his individual responsibility, as well as the family as a fundamental value of society . All this is based on freedom, “she said.

One point that she emphasized was in the relations between the European Union and particularly the Spanish governed with the Government of Cuba. For the Hispanic Cuban, the credibility of the institutions and the parties that negotiate with Raúl Castro are in question.

“In the collective imagination of Spain, Cuba is the most beloved. The relationship of both countries is brotherhood, “said Monasterio, however, “without a single word about human rights abuses on the island.

The architect conceives his battle not only against communism but against all kinds of totalitarianism, which she says is being exported to Spain and Latin American countries like Venezuela, Nicaragua and Ecuador.


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