A man stands outside the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal building on Thursday, February 9, 2017, in San Francisco. Paul Ramirez CTN News Photo

A group defending immigrant rights has asked a court to allow it to join the lawsuit filed by the states of Washington and Minnesota against President Donald Trump’s decree prohibiting people from seven country’s, mostly Muslim from entering the United States .

The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project group filed its petition in a federal court in Seattle on Friday. On behalf of two Americans and a legal resident trying to reunite with their children, the group filed a federal lawsuit last month against the immigration restrictions imposed by Trump.

Plaintiff Juweiya Abdiaziz Ali is an American based in Seattle who began the process of bringing her son from Somalia in August. The woman claims that Trump’s executive order has made her worried that the procedures for obtaining her visa will be suspended indefinitely.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday unanimously rejected the repeal of the president’s decree, which had been suspended the previous week by federal Judge James Robart in Seattle. He issued an order temporarily restraining the decree after the states of Washington and Minnesota filed a lawsuit to oppose President Trump.


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