President Donald Trump listens to the simultaneous translation while Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks during a joint press conference at the White House in Washington on Friday, February 10, 2017. Danny Wick / CTN News Photo

A Democratic senator said that “a few” of his Republican colleagues have expressed concern about the mental health of President Donald Trump, and this originates in questions about the veracity of the president.

Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota told CNN’s State of the Union program that concern arises “because of the way we all have this suspicion” that “he lies a lot, he says things that are not, That’s the same as lying, I suppose. ”

Franken cited Trump’s baseless assertion that he would have “won the popular vote” in the presidential election if “three to five million immigrants living in the country without legal authorization had not voted for Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton”.

And it is rumored that Trump pointed out to some senators at a private meeting in the White House that he and former Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte would have won in New Hampshire if they had not counted the “people who were taken from other states to vote”.

Franken resorted to these examples by saying, “you know, that’s not the norm for a US president, or for a human being.”


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