Police are warning the community to be alert for a group of criminals who are looking for victims among the elderly and using distraction techniques and “old tricks” to steal money and property from them.

At least four residents of Hialeah have been victims of the wrongdoers on Feb. 11 in three separate incidents.

The ages of the victims are between 83 to 91 years.

One of the victims, Antonio Gonzalez, 91, told Conspiracy Talk News – CTN News reporter Paul Danial that he felt “stupid to let something like that happen to him.” Julia, his 86-year-old wife, said “she is very upset about what happened”.

Authorities are looking for three thieves, who are considered part of a “group of itinerant gypsies, something very common in Florida at this time of year and known to commit this type of crime, as well as other more violent ones.”

“They knock on the door and walk into the victim’s home pretending to be old acquaintances,” said Sgt. Carl Zogby, a Hialeah police spokesman. “The elderly are the most vulnerable people in our society.”

Police issued a surveillance video of a Chevy pickup truck between 2008 and 2012 that was used in all three Hialeah offenses, as well as a flyer featuring alleged gang boss Ricky Mitchell.

Mitchell has a wide violent criminal record

“He is a notorious criminal and identified member of a gypsy gang with a criminal record in Illinois and California,” Zogby added. “If found, he will be extradited to California. Likewise, he must be considered armed and dangerous. It is also known that he is a very violent person, so it is unknown what he is capable of doing after entering a house. ”

In the robbery of Gonzalez, near 66th Street and 10th Avenue in the west, the bandits posed as roofers.

While one went up to the roof with the 91-year-old, the other went into the house and took $ 650 in cash. Gonzalez said “they also tried to steel their safe but failed”.

Mitchell has a tattoo under one eye that says “Gypsy”. His two accomplices are believed to be a short-haired about 30-year-old female, and a tall, strong-built, white-skinned man in his late 40s and early 50s.

The police want to remind the public not to open the door of the house to strangers.

Authorities are asking anyone with information about the whereabouts of these three suspects to call Miami-Dade County Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.


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