US President Donald Trump during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House on February 15, 2017 Chris Wick - CTN News Image

The US president threatened Thursday to “catch” those responsible for the leaks to the press of communication between his campaign team and Russian intelligence last year and the talks between his former adviser and the Russian ambassador in Washington .

“The bullets point finally to the criminals responsible for the (information) leak. They will be trapped! “Donald Trump wrote in a tweet, the latest in a series of Twitter attacks that he believes are part of a campaign to weaken his administration.

Trump continued to say 

“The illegal leaks of classified material were a major problem in Washington for years. The @nytimes (and others) should apologize! “

The republican magnate had already made reference to the leaks a day earlier, which he described as “criminal acts,” but without ruling on it’s merits.

Michael Flynn, who resigned Monday from the White House National Security Council’s leadership after revealing that he spoke with the Russian ambassador about the sanctions imposed by Barack Obama on Moscow, “was treated very unfairly by the press,” Complained the president during a press conference at the White House on Wednesday.

Despite Trump’s stern tone over the leaks, White House officials confirmed that Flynn had discussed with Russia’s ambassador Sergei Kislyak about “US sanctions against Russia – imposed by Barack Obama in December” and over alleged “interference by Moscow in the US presidential election” – the same day Obama announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats.

 They added that Flynn was not kicked out by talks with Kislyak but because “he lied to Vice President Mike Pence about the nature of those talks”.

The New York Times also revealed on Wednesday that US intelligence had records of talks held last year between the Republican campaign team and senior Russian intelligence officials .




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