To the cry of “He is not my president!” And in a party atmosphere, about 3,000 people protesting in New York on Monday to a winters sunshine, in which the United States celebrates Presidents’ Day.

Protesters of all ages and races focused on Columbus Circle, across from the Trump International Hotel and on the west side of Central Park, to express their dissatisfaction with the new government in the latest of several protests that have rocked the country since Trump Arrived at the White House a month ago.

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As soon as the protest began on Presidents’ Day, which the United States celebrates every year, there were already about 3,000 demonstrators, according to an unofficial police count, which closed several blocks from Central Park West.

“Trump is hurting the country. If we do not do something, we will lose the United States before we know it. That’s why in the last four days I’ve gone to four protests. What else can I do? It’s the only way to try to get to Congress, “one of the protesters, Rima Strauss, a retired psychoanalyst in her 70s who lives between New York and Washington DC, told CTN News.

“Trump does not listen to us. But if ordinary people march on the streets, we may have a sort of revolution, “said Strauss, who also participated in the great protest in March for Women on January 21st.

“We are Muslims, we came to preach the message of peace and love. I obey President Trump but I do not have to agree with his policies, “said another protester, Qamar Khan, a 26-year-old medical student who came to the United States from Pakistan at seven and is now an American.

Khan was referring to the Trump decree that temporarily banned refugees and citizens from seven Muslim countries from entering the country and which the judiciary suspended.

In a corner, a dozen protesters with American flags and posters reading “Hispanics for Trump” and “Jews for Trump” clashed with the crowd with chants and shouts.


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