President Donald Trump speaks at a meeting with manufacturing executives at the White House State Dining Room in Washington, D.C., Feb. 23. Olivier Douliery TNS

Forgive me for repeating it: Donald Trump is not the cause, but the effect. The circumstances will not change if you get Trump out of the equation. In fact, the visceral reaction of the left against Trump around the world confirms the inexorability of the circumstances. So to raise the quality of the debate a bit, you must start by asking yourself what happened, how you managed to make the only option with a future (because in the elections people are betting on the future) had to be Trump.

In principle, you have to admit the legitimacy of the voter. Do not go on saying that Trump was chosen by the most reactionary, ignorant and racist American society. At least do not say it without taking into account that the most reactionary, ignorant and racist of American society has also found its niche in the totalitarian state, divisive and aggressive constructions of political correctness and multiculturalism. Nothing more reactionary in the world today, I would say, than the left, still in its pale tones. Come to Europe. Join our Latin America.


It is also essential that you maintain your ethical fiber. Question of sensitivity. Wow, civilization. It is about understanding the value of the person for himself and not for his tribal affiliation, his race, his sexual preferences. True, we must consider the weight of the circumstances in that mother of a marginal neighborhood that carries seven children to the social welfare system, the teenage criminal who kills and dies smoking crack, in short, even in the least meritorious cases they clog up the files of minority activists. So why do you not extend that margin of understanding to those citizens who oppose abortion, refuse to dress Sunday with a strait jacket and being politically correct and multicultural and believe (with the same passion that you believe in the most stupid Counter cultural topics) that God made the world in six days?

Coherence. You need more coherence. I see that you have discovered Vladimir Putin. Dangerous man, no doubt. An autocrat, no doubt. A serious danger to world peace. Okay, we’re with President Barack Obama that Putin does not play on our team. Do not even think about it. Now, where were you when Putin blatantly annexed the Crimea in the shadow of Obama’s incompetence, indecision, and legalism? Did you really discover that Putin is a sinister former KGB agent? And when did you care about the horrendous crimes of the KGB? Your contradiction overflows the balance. Trump, who has not yet given Putin anything, accuses him of being a Russian agent. And what did you accuse Obama of giving, everything to Putin?

Open your eyes. With Trump or without Trump. Makes no difference, already you were ending the successive defeats in the midterm elections as of 2010. Finally, you came to the presidential elections with a candidate who should be sitting in court and a candidate who should be sitting in a circle of Marxist study classes.

You know it. Every process turns in the opposite direction when it reaches the point of its fullness. Obama was the point of fullness of the liberal left in the United States. Trump is not the wave. Trump is the guy who managed to ride the wave. I know the situation is vertiginous. But it’s always better if you open your eyes.


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