President Donald Trump meets with leaders of Black Universities, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, on Monday at the White House Oval Office. On the left, presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway. CTN News - Chris Farley

Kellyanne Conway, an adviser to US President Donald Trump, sparked criticism on social networks on Monday for sitting with her feet on a couch in the White House Oval Office at an official reception.

In a photo Conway is seen sitting with his legs folded on a sofa in Trump’s office with the phone in her hand while the president poses for a photo with the black leaders of colleges and universities .

Many Twitter users scolded Conway, some interpreting that her body language was a sign of “disrespect.”

“Conway with her shoes on an Oval Lounge couch – consistent with varying degrees of disrespect that the Trump team has shown,” wrote one user.

“The new photo base of the ‘white privilege’,” wrote another user on the photo in which you see a large group of black people standing.

Some compared this with a 2013 photo of former President Barack Obama with his feet on the desk of the Oval Office.

“Remember when the Republicans lost their heads over the decoration of Obama’s Oval Office,” another user tweeted.

The US government’s Ethics Office proposed this month to discipline Conway for saying publicly to buy products from the president’s daughter.


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