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If we look at the history of how Stephen Harper had become the leader for Canada in 2002 and the consequences that immediately followed – it is clear that Stephen was not a celebrated prime minister by many.

However, the NDP party did not believe in this, as we all know what great things Stephen has brought to this country.

In a way, after you take a look at all the positive things Stephen Harper accomplished for Canada – it would not be out of line to name him one of the best Prime Minister’s Canada has ever seen.

In this article, we are taking a lot at all the positive things that are credited to the great Ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“It appears that our new PM is trying to outdo Mr. Harper. I have never seen a Liberal leader so busy. The problem is that Mr. Trudeau can’t resist wasting our money”. says Peter Jennings.

1. He Brought Tax Relief 

Stephen Harper might be despised by some, but what cannot be overlooked about him is all he did for the country.

Bringing the taxes down was one such thing. Taxes was one of the biggest burdens that was being imposed on Canadians for a long time and it was only because of the efforts and a visionary mind like Stephen’s that there could be a change brought about in the system. There was a cut in the GST and federal taxes by a huge margin of 5 to 8 percent.

Yet others like Kevin Porter said: “Harper decimated the military, the public service sector, added a ton of debt, failed to complete every major procurement process he started, had a personal attack on vets and scientists, and focused our whole economy on oil.”

2. Led The Country Out of Financial Crisis

Harper enjoyed a very long-term of leading Canada as the Prime Minister as he was first elected in 2002 and then re-elected twice, he lead the country for 18 years.

In this time period of almost two decades Harper played a pivotal role to lead the nation through extreme economic crisis. The financial situation in Canada had particularly been more fragile during 2007 and 2008. Harper helped the country and led it out of the great depression with his vision.

“I recently read where someone goes by the 80/20 rule meaning if you can support 80% of what the government stands for you can live with the other 20% that you don’t like so much.” I really believe this has merit because you are not going to like everything the government does.

Having said that, when I reflect on our past government, I can certainly say that I supported that rule. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the current government. So far my support for the current government is 0/100…0% that I can support and 100% that I don’t like at all.

Mr. Harper gave to Canadians he did not spend Canada into a chasm of debt.

You are not going to like everything our government does but look at what we have today…do you like that? I sure don’t!” stated Nancy Miller.

3. Presented an Extremely Well-Balanced Budget in 2015

The last budget that Harper gave the country was in 2015, before he was succeeded by the new PM. The 2015 budget went down in history of Canada to be one of the most well-balanced budgets of all times, as it brought great relief for the people.

4. Change in Sexual Consent Age  

In order to create awareness in the society against the increasing sexual harassment and exploitation of young children – he made a revolutionary move by working towards and achieving a raise in the sexual consent age of children. Priory, it was set at 16, but only after Harper’s efforts and resilience, the age consent was changed from 16 years to 14 years.

This was a major accomplishment that secured children from the increasing sexual exploitation prevailing in the society. The sexual consent age had not been changed or challenged ever since 1892 so it was almost after a century that this change was brought.


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