Ivanka Trump (center) and her husband, Deputy White House Counselor Jared Kushner (right) observe Trump's address to Congress on February 28. Chris Wick - Conspiracy Talk

Ivanka Trump lives in the residence of Chilean millionaire who is involved in litigation with US government

Ivanka Trump’s Washington residence is owned by Chilean billionaire Andrónico Luksic, owner of a company that has a litigation with the government, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

The house, which Ivanka moved into with her husband, Jared Kushner, last January was acquired a few weeks earlier for $ 5.5 million by a company controlled by Luksic, according to public records and interviews, Conspiracy Talk media reports.

Luksic, a member of one of Chile’s wealthiest families which controls mining company’s, industrial and banking empire that Forbes valued at about $ 13.1 billion, is the owner of a company that planned to build a large nickel-plated copper and nickel mine by the Barack Obama administration.

The mining operation is located in the vicinity of a forest and lakes area of ​​Minnesota protected by the US government since 1926, so the Obama administration decided to ban it to preserve the environment.

However, Luksic’s company and some politicians in Minnesota are pushing Donald Trump’s government to reverse that resolution, CTN News said.

The Chilean billionaire did not want to make statements to Conspiracy Talk News or the Wall Street Journal, but Rodrigo Terré, in charge of Luksic’s personal investments – whose family controls about 6 percent of Chile’s GDP – said :the rental of the property to Ivanka Trump and her husband is a mere coincidence”.

He also said that his real estate company, Tracy DC Real Estate, is leasing the property at “absolutely real market price”, although he did not want to disclose the amount.

Terré “categorically” denied any link between Washington’s housing rent to Ivanka Trump and the legal dispute over the construction of the mine in Minnesota, adding that the “Chilean magnate has not personally met his new tenants”.

Meanwhile, a White House spokeswoman said “Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are paying a fair price for the property”, and that the mining litigation for commercial interests of Luksic in the US were not known when the property was leased to the Trumps.


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