President Donald Trump, at the center, meets with, from left to right, the White House general secretary, Reince Priebus; Merle Bari, the wife of Secretary of War Veterans Affairs David Shulkin, who is accompanied by Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and other members of his Cabinet and White House staff on Saturday, March 11 Of 2017, at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia. Conspiracy Talk News

The House of Representatives intelligence commission asked to provide on Monday all evidence supporting President Donald Trump’s accusations that his Trump Tower phones were tampered with during the election, a senior legislative adviser said on Saturday. .

The request was made through a letter sent by committee chairman Republican Devin Nunes of California and the highest-ranking Democrat on the panel, Adam Schiff, also from California who was asked for Anonymity because they are not authorized to speak about the request.

In a tweet last weekend, Trump accused his predecessor Barack Obama of having ordered the tapping of his phones. The national intelligence director under the Obama administration, James Clapper, has argued that nothing corroborates what Trump has claimed, but that has not stopped speculation that the Obama administration spied on Trump’s communications. The president has not offered evidence to support his allegations and has asked Congress to investigate.

A few days ago, Schiff said the committee would respond to the president’s request to investigate the matter. He also said he would ask FBI Director James Comey personally when he appears later this month before the committee, which is also investigating Russian activities during the presidential election.

“We should be able to determine in a short time whether this allegation is true or false,” Schiff told reporters Tuesday night at the Capitol.

Nunes has said he has “seen no evidence to support Trump’s accusations”, and has hinted that the news media took the president’s tweets over the weekend too literally.

“The president is a neophyte in politics, has been doing this little more than a year,” Nunes told reporters a few days ago.


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