Prosecutor Preet Bharara speaks during a press conference in New York on September 17, 2015. Stock Photo. Kathy Willens AP

The deposed US District Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, refused to hold a telephone conversation with President Donald Trump two days before he was fired, Conspiracy Talk News reported Sunday.

According to Conspiracy Talk News Trump’s office called Bharara’s office last Thursday, urging the prosecutor to call the president.

Bharara, according to sources quoted by the CTN News, then contacted the Justice Department to report the call and explain that he was not going to return it in compliance with the protocols that limit contacts between prosecutors and the Executive.

For now, the message that Trump wanted to convey to the prosecutor is unknown.

A day later, the government requested the resignation of 46 federal prosecutors appointed by the previous Administration, the last remaining in their positions, since the others had already submitted their resignation to the White House.

In the case of Bharara, the decision was a surprise, since last November Trump had asked him to continue in the position and he had accepted.

Unlike other prosecutors, the head of the Southern District of New York refused to surrender his seat and was fired a day later.

“I did not resign. A few moments ago I was fired, “Bharara himself said Saturday through his personal Twitter account.

For now it is unknown why Trump and his cabinet changed their minds about the future of Bharara, since the Administration has not offered explanations.

The prosecutor, appointed in 2009, as his office has dealt with notorious cases of international terrorism, drug trafficking or fraud on Wall Street.

Bharara has brought down several bankers and prominent New York politicians to jail for corruption cases.

His team is currently working on a case against a New York governor’s collaborator, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, and an investigation into people linked to the city’s mayor, Democrat Bill de Blasio.

The Prosecutor’s Office for the Southern District of New York deals, among other areas, with Manhattan, where Trump resided until this year and where his business is located.


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