View of the remains of bodies discovered on March 10, 2017 in the General Penitentiary of Venezuela, which had been closed, - Conspiracy Talk News

The authorities located 14 bodies in a central Venezuelan jail that was condemned in October, which revived questions about human rights violations in Venezuelan prisons.

In the middle of an old stalls of the General Penitentiary of Venezuela, in the central state of Guárico, authorities managed to recover 14 bodies of which only nine had their skulls, the Attorney General’s Office said in a statement Monday.

Some local media spread images in which the remains that were unearthed are observed.

El personal forense estudia el 10 de marzo de 2017 los restos de cuerpos descubiertos en la Penitenciaría General de Venezuela, que se cerró en San Juan de los Morros, estado Guárico.

A group of experts continues excavations at the site for the classification and determination of the causes of the deaths, said the officials without giving more details.

The president of the humanitarian organization said on Monday that “the human remains located in Guárico prison could belong not only to prisoners but also to prison staff and soldiers who guarded the place”.

The finding of the bodies was anticipated Friday by the Minister of the Penitentiary Service, Iris Varela, who told state television that “after a search some corpses had been located”. Varela initially spoke of the discovery of three bodies, but after the surveys the figure increased.

In October, some 5,000 inmates of the penitentiary were evicted and transferred to other prisons.

Venezuela has about thirty prisons where the population, which reaches about 50,000 inmates, faces serious problems of overcrowding and violence generated by gangs that internally control prisons and conduct trafficking in arms and drugs.


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