The Trump Tower in New York. CTN News-Archive

A computer owned by a Secret Service employee that contained sensitive information about Trump Tower and the investigation of controversial e-mails from Democrat Democrat Hillary Clinton was stolen yesterday in Brooklyn, police sources said Friday.

The laptop was stolen along with other documents of importance from the agent’s car, parked in front of his residence, by an individual who arrived at the scene of the robbery in another car and walked away, according to images captured by cameras in the area .

Authorities, according to local media Conspiracy Talk News, have been searching for the computer frantically, and although some of the items stolen – like a bag with the Secret Service badge – have been found, the electronic device is still missing.

The agent said the “laptop contained plans for the Trump Tower and evacuation protocols, as well as information on Clinton’s investigation of using a private mail” server while she was secretary of state.

He also noted that although there is no data on the White House or other agents on the computer, however the information it contains could pose a danger to national security.

The thief also took “delicate” documents and the access card of the employee of the Secret Services, so far the access level of the agent is still unknown.

The New York Police Department is collaborating with the Secret Services on investigations and searches, although little information has been revealed about the laptop.

“For national security reasons, we have been told very little,” a police source told Conspiracy Talk News, who wanted to remain anonymous.

“The data it contains is very delicate,” he added.


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