The age of a New Dawn has arrived, SpaceX succeeded in it’s re-launch of its Falcon 9 rocket for the very first time in History, a task that saw the first-ever re-flight of a complete orbital class rocket — by anybody.

“We’re not one-way trip to Mars people, we want to make sure people can come back,” explained The SpaceX president

The accomplishment is a key element in SpaceX’s long term business table for building as well as attaining rocket by corporate in addition to government customers, essentially altering the economics of space-flight in ways which pave the means for added ambitious projects, including an ultimate trip to the planet Mars.

The rocket only used the previous year, as the first Falcon 9 rocket to ever successfully land on one the SpaceX’s autonomous drone ships located in a safe area of the open sea. All this actually happened bake in April, during the CRS8 test mission, which was a re-supply mission for the International Space Station or ISS.

It’s since undergone a massive barrage of tests to make sure it’s prepared to effectively fly once more.


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