Throughout the past, the enormous masses of mankind have felt a broad sense of discomfort towards the manner this world is run.

For some this uneasiness manifests itself in the shape of anger and many times aggression, yet for others, despondence as well as depression.

However, it’s apparent the general reason in most if not all cases is. Injustice.

Human beings are born into humanity with manifested regulations to which they are exposed as well as indoctrinated into from the earliest age.

These rules that everyone except for the rare exceptions play by, are in direct conflict to our true natures as social-primates. Social primates, form tribal units then cooperate within their specified group, and this type of tribalism has most commonly seen cultural variation among indigenous cultures world-wide.

However, from the beginning of using currency native tribal cultures have been under steady attack by a merciless system of subjugation.

This system that has evolved over-time into the current globalize way of life, is based upon the philosophy in the wake of the recently-created phrase, “Cash is king.” Money as a means of exchange has condensed human existence to a game of numbers, in which everything has a dollar worth attached to it, and the quality of life you are enjoying is based on how many of those numbers you be able to accumulate.

Instead of teamwork, we are being subdued into a game of “kill or be killed”, “take no prisoners”, “winner take all capitalism”.

If a human being accumulates cats, they are called crazy.

If someone accumulates a whole lot of boxes then have them sitting around in their residence, they are called crazy.

But If a person gets a whole bunch of money and stores it all up, they are.. successful?

By Chris Wick – Conspiracy Talk News


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