According to the American Psychological Association, Post-Election Stress Disorder is a phenomenon.

Over fifty percent of Americans reported that the 2016 US election was stressful and triggered stress-related symptoms.

72% of Democrats and 26% of Republicans reported how the outcome of the Trumps win was a major reason for obtaining the stress.

Together with social websites, which only aggravates stress further, a great deal of anti-Trump people are ripe for the physical, emotional and behavioral problems connected with stress.

And who can blame them? Trumps presidency and the future of the nation has become thrown into dystopian status by unaccountable journalists, intellectuals, un-elected bureaucrats, as well as celebrities.

Prophecies of fascism, internment camps, Nazis, religious persecution, race wars, nuclear war, civil war and Hitler, were beaten into the heads of trusting media consumers.

Any positive reporting throughout the campaign, or something that is positive as an outlook on the future, is near impossible to locate. Together with the medias depressing fortune-telling, together with the manic attempts of comedians and satirists to evoke complacent laughter, a bi-polar wave crashes within the shore of paranoia.

Effectual strategies to handling stress include adopting a positive mind-set, or finding commonality with other people, but finding commonality having a mortal enemy is hard.

The APA suggests cutting back on the intake of news, but such doesn’t seem possible since the news is and always will be the way to obtain everything one knows and holds dear.

Thus the retreat into the ineffectual ways of dealing with stress: denial, blame, anger, magical thinking, projection and worse.


Written by Chris Wick for Conspiracy Talk News





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