So, You wanted a conspiracy on Morality?, well then, you best be seated for this one.

I’ve always been great at receiving targeted grades, not implying that I am a fkn bookworm or anything like that, just street smart within school context.

Out of high school I went directly to University of Victoria and later to the real popular University in Vancouver.

I’ve studied all kinds of things, so when I wanted to develop credits I took a variety of courses beyond pure interest of the regular or average student.

Schools will coach you on all sorts of useful and useless stuff, nonetheless they simply won’t coach you on to become a moral part of society or how to seceded in life.

GET THIS because this is fascinating

You can have any number of diplomas on your wall, say 1 to 10 and in all that time not one course even bothered to teach you and me right from wrong.

You might say, oh sure, you might be able to  take some philosophy courses which if anything drown you in pointless scenarios bordering on science fiction.

You might be able to take divinity classes which teach only crappy religious dogma.

OK, so you might take those sociology courses that try and teach how “morality is in the eye of beholder”, just as if killing or even torturing somebody against their will might just be a matter of “personal cultural perspective”.

And guess what?, students lap this shit up, its plain Sickening.

Even if you decided to go into a medical field, they will teach you to do no harm  but STRICTLY and exclusively in the context of surgery and healing. Absolutely nothing to do with being a moral human being.

This is a society based on teaching you and me anything we might want, except, how to think morally and or act morally.

Service to self society, seems that everything is based on fear & greed.

Say it Ain’t so!

How is it that these crappy designers of ALL school programs (guys with Ph Fkn Ds) skip over these points:

  • Tell the truth
  • Be kind to others
  • Obey laws
  • Question unjust laws
  • Help others if you can
  • Don’t let yourself be used by unscrupulous
  • Uphold justice
  • Uphold truth as personal duty
  • Maintain healthy body

Lets be honest here, this teachings would naturally lead to :

Measuring your leaders as well as  government by the list above i just mentioned.

Oh, now can u see why schools don’t teach ANY morality?.


Article by Chris Wick of Conspiracy Talk News



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