You may work for an organization that has started a “working environment well-being program” for a Vaccine Industry that has Gone INSANE, as a component of their HR human services offerings.

These projects could incorporate classes to stop smoking, get more fit, straightforwardness stretch or whatever other kind of activity that your organization trusts fits under the appearance of Obamacare, which goes under the Orwellian name of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” bosses that offer well-being programs, says, can get “prize money of up to half off of protection premiums” for people who join.

So there’s a significant motivator for managers to get their workforce included on these plans.

Another bill called H.R. 1313, supported and presented by Virginia Foxx (R-NC), has all the earmarks of being “a risk to anybody taking an interest in these projects.” Why? Covered up in the legal jargon of H.R. 1313 is a provision where organizations may have the ability to force their workers to receive immunizations shots as a feature of the well being program in order to keep their employment position. Thu-sly, the organization can be in consistence to the elected “government’s embraced standard of care, which incorporates receipt of govern-mentally forced immunizations.”

The draconian walk toward constrained inoculations has and is gaining more ground than you may understand.

As indicated by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) there are 134 bills in 35 states that have been acquainted with “confine, wipe out or grow immunization exclusions”.

One item is utterly certain. The pharmaceutical industry will never back down from producing these vaccines. It matters not who is harmed or even maimed. The most current Merck & Co. tragedy is the vaccine used for shingles that they named Zostavax. reported that there have been “thousands upon thousands and of complaints,” with injury ranging starting with shingles to blindness, paralysis, brain injure and even death.


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